It’s been a busy, and sore, couple of days. But, I still got workouts in on both day 5 and day 6. My legs were absolute killing me after Jessie’s resistance band workout (still are) so I decide to do some Pilates for day 5, as well as light arms. My mom bought the Windsor Pilates program from like 10 years ago, I still shuffle through them every once in a while because I’m a big believer in cross training. If you don’t have any at home workout DVDs that’s fine, any Pilates video on youtube would probably be fine. Mine was about 20 mins of ab work. After I was warmed up from that, I did some arm work. I mentioned in my about section that I’ve been dealing with an injury, so I have to use relatively light weight, if you really want to see results I suggest aiming for increased weight.

Quick Arms
20 bicep curls
20 bent arm side raises
10 shoulder presses
10 upright rows
20 hammer curls
20 triceps kickbacks
10 front arm raises (rotate thumbs up, then palms down at top of move)
10 military presses
20 lateral rows
20 french presses
Rest – Repeat 2-3 times

I used 3 pounders, which is an okay weight if you’re a beginner, or getting started on an exercise plan. If you’ve got a bit more experience under your belt hit the fives or eights. If you’re intermediate to advanced 10+ The main focus should be to do what feels best. Feel free to trade up or down if a certain exercise isn’t challenging enough, or is too challenging. I recommend heavier weights for the last to exercises. The lats are big powerful muscles and can take a lot of weight. The french press will really target the dreaded “bat wing” area of your arm, and it takes heavy weights to change the shape of that muscle. I recommend lifting heavy when you can because you will get results quicker that way. Additionally, the more muscle you have the more calories those muscles will help you burn because they need the fuel to keep you going through the day. Muscle is a good thing. Women tend to be afraid of bulking up or being too masculine, but naturally women don’t have the amounts of testosterone needed to start looking like She Hulk. If you feel as if you are bulky, it’s probably because you have muscle but it’s trapped under a layer of fat, in which case you should kick up your cardio, high intensity interval training, kickboxing, kettlebell, whatever you like just get and keep your heart racing.

Day 6, I had family visiting from out-of-town so I took the opportunity to hang out with them and only just barely squeaked a little workout in towards the end of my day. I also got a massage today, so I’m hoping my legs will feel better tomorrow. Today’s workout was a little sheepish, just a 5 running in place workout and a ten minute tabata. A tabata is traditionally a 4 minute workout. It consists of 20 seconds of all out effort and 10 seconds of rest/ prep for the next exercise. Many modifications have been made to the original, like 50 seconds work 10 seconds rest, 45 seconds work, 15 seconds rest etc. You can do a tabata with pretty much any exercise, squats, push-ups, crunches, jump squats, jumping jacks anything. The main point is that you must push yourself as hard as you can to complete as many reps as you can (with good form!) in the allotted time. I recommend downloading a tabata timer for your phone, many of which are free in the istore or playstore

Tonight’s tabata- Traditional 20 sec on, 10 sec rest – 10 mins or 20 rounds
Squats – Lunge right leg – Lunge left leg – Sumo squat – Push-up *(modify to knees, box, or wall) – Crunch – Squats – Reverse lunge left – Reverse lunge right – Sumo squat – Push-up* – Full sit-up – Push-up* – Full sit-up – Plank – Reverse ab lift – Plank – Reverse ab lift – Plank – Squat jumps.

After my warm up and 10 minute tabata I was soaked in sweat. Not every workout needs to feel like a marathon, some can be quick and to the point. Tonight’s workout was really me just saying “Hey, I’m still here.” Even though I was enjoying time with my family I stayed on course with my goal, and I know you can too, just power through and crunch on!